Office Fashion: British Trends.

The style of clothing you wear to work holds great significance. Your wardrobe reflects not only your taste but also speaks to your professional qualities, influencing how others perceive you, shaping your image.

The style of clothing you wear to work holds great significance. Your wardrobe reflects not only your taste but also speaks to your professional qualities, influencing how others perceive you, shaping your image. Do not doubt that your boss appreciates (or does not appreciate) your ability (or inability) to choose the right clothes for the office.

If your wardrobe consists of a couple of collared shirts and trousers (though you occasionally «spice it up» with a trouser suit), think about the impression you make on your colleagues. No one doubts the formality of your appearance, but it’s essential to occasionally update your wardrobe to avoid appearing outdated and dull to those around you. Wearing the same clothes day after day suggests an aversion to change and a lack of creativity.

Periodic wardrobe updates, or even a radical change in your clothing style, will keep your colleagues intrigued. Your office will become the new fascination — observing your outfits, placing bets on what you’ll wear today. Your arrival at work won’t go unnoticed, and you won’t blend into the dull gray mass of office workers. An updated work wardrobe will signal to your colleagues that you value professionalism while highlighting your creativity and readiness for experimentation.

Fortunately, in 2007, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to revamp your wardrobe. Many winter collections showcased a strict classical British style and elegant conservatism. Black is no longer the sole acceptable color for winter office wear. Too busy (of course, at work!) to delve into trend analysis and select labels yourself? Don’t worry — especially for you, we’ve analyzed the key trends of 2007 and present you with a few items that will radically transform not only your work wardrobe but also how your colleagues perceive you.

V-neck Sweater

A classic in every playboy’s wardrobe — the V-neck sweater. This item will never go out of style and will keep you warm during the cold winter of 2007 and beyond. Wear it with a white shirt with a classic collar. Firstly, it’s warmer, and secondly, this combination creates a neat and elegant silhouette. Instead of black, we recommend opting for a burgundy sweater — it’s just as versatile but less monotonous. For example, the soft V-neck sweater from Harrison is an excellent example of a classic V-neck sweater that will turn you into a refined gentleman.

Military-style Trench Coat

Military-style coats have appeared in the collections of leading designers multiple times. Undoubtedly, it will be a bright addition to your wardrobe in 2007. This long 100% wool coat from Costume National Homme perfectly fits the fashion trend and immediately communicates to others that you are business-oriented and can be dealt with. In autumn and spring, wear the coat without a belt with the buttons undone to showcase your fashionable clothes underneath. In winter, fasten the belt and don’t forget to complement the coat with a bright scarf to add irony and lightness to the ensemble.

Gray Suit

A gray suit is as comfortable and versatile as a black one, but in winter, when nature doesn’t bless us with bright colors, it appears less gloomy. Pay attention to the suit from Calvin Klein — it’s timeless and comes in handy in 2007. Light shades of gray and a lightweight wool fabric will serve you well in summer too, as this suit is not too warm and better reflects sunlight than its black counterpart. Additionally, thanks to straight trousers without pleats, you can wear the suit for more than one season.

Plaid Scarf

Plaid patterns will be extremely common in 2007 trends. However, it’s not recommended to overuse this pattern and dress from head to toe in plaid — in a plaid shirt, you’ll look more like a rural simpleton than an elegant urban dweller. To showcase this trend, it’s enough to choose one bold accessory, such as a scarf. It will add a touch of British chic to your look.

Tweed Coat

Another contribution from Britain to the fashion trends of this season is the classic tweed coat. To create the image of a dignified English gentleman that will surely captivate all your female colleagues, choose a brown tweed coat, for example, the model from John Varvatos. Wear it with dark jeans for a modern and casual style or with gray or navy trousers for a more formal look.

The variety of super-class trends that will be an excellent update to your wardrobe in winter 2007 makes it impossible to highlight just a few key items. Fortunately, we’ve done this meticulous work for you, and all you need to do is go to the store (or online) and spend an hour or two buying clothes that will help you escape from routine. Choosing clothes that will ensure your success at work has never been so easy and enjoyable.

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