Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump appeared in public in identical dresses. Who wears it better?

In real life, Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump are unlikely to be acquainted. However, the media constantly compares these two celebrities. This is because Ivanka repeatedly copies Kate’s fashion choices! Recently, for example, the heiress of the American billionaire appeared in public wearing an exact replica of a princess’s dress. The public quickly noticed this resemblance, and now fans of the two celebrities argue about whose idol looks better in the dazzling outfit.

Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump: The Case of Identical Dresses

Fashionista Kate

Kate Middleton largely inherits the style of Princess Diana. It is Kate who has become the new style icon of the royal family. Madame Middleton is often criticized for frequent etiquette violations. However, the voices of a few critics are easily lost in the stream of compliments from ordinary people.

The public loves Kate because she strives to be closer to the common people. This, of course, extends to the fashion choices of the Princess of Wales. Middleton often wears outfits that are affordable for ordinary British women. In addition, experts say that women from around the world regularly ‘Google’ Kate’s dresses, hoping to take a cue from the beauty.

Unexpected Follower

However, few expected that among the fans of the style of the Princess of Wales would be Ivanka Trump. But at a recent celebration organized for her daughter Arabella, Ivanka appeared in an exact replica of Kate Middleton’s outfit! And, notably, the attire suited Trump’s heiress very well.

It’s about the dress that Kate Middleton wore at the premiere of the latest James Bond film. The luxurious gown was created by the British designer Jenny Packham, one of Kate Middleton’s favorite couturiers. The Duchess of Cambridge first wore a dress by Jenny Packham back in the distant year of 2012, and in total, the British designer has crafted no less than eight outfits for the beauty.

A Difficult Question

Certainly, Jenny works not only for members of the royal family. Madame Packham has quite a few celebrities among her clients, including Jennifer Aniston, Keira Knightley, and Miley Cyrus. Of course, all these stars are sometimes inspired by each other’s dresses. But such blatant copying is a rare occurrence!

According to experts, Kate’s dress from the James Bond film premiere and Ivanka’s dress from Arabella’s celebration differ only in color. The Princess of Wales chose a luxurious golden shade, while Trump’s heiress opted for turquoise. However, the outfits of the celebrities, notably, turned out to be completely different!

Kate, with her elegant updo, looked like a true queen. Ivanka, with her soft waves flowing down, looked sweet and homely. Therefore, fans still can’t decide who wears this dress better. A unique moment in the fashion industry: it’s not often that two winners coexist on the pedestal of human sympathies!

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