What Brigitte Macron looked like when Emmanuel’s election victory was announced

Emmanuel Macron achieved a historic victory in the French elections. It marks the first time in the last two decades that a French president has remained in power for a second term. Throughout the entire presidential campaign, his wife supported and accompanied him. Brigitte Macron was not only Emmanuel’s support in everything during the elections but also the true face of France. Her stylish outfits are worthy of separate discussion. Today, let’s talk about how the First Lady looked when her husband won the elections.

Brigitte Macron at the elections: Style and Elegance with a Touch of French Chic

The second round of the presidential elections in France took place on April 24. Macron competed against the far-right rival, Marine Le Pen. However, Emmanuel managed to secure victory, marking it as a historic event. Thus, the 44-year-old Macron will be shaping the country’s course for another five years. Meanwhile, his wife Brigitte will continue to be his steadfast support during this time.

Moreover, we will have the opportunity to admire Brigitte Macron’s elegant outfits for another five years during her public appearances as the First Lady of France. Brigitte has already earned the title of a stylish and understated presidential spouse. However, she also knows how to creatively enhance her looks, introducing touches of French chic.

It is known that Brigitte is a big fan of the French fashion house Louis Vuitton. On April 24, she continued to adhere to her preferences. The First Lady chose a dark blue pantsuit from Louis Vuitton, which harmoniously echoed her husband’s suit in the same shade. To some, the ensemble with a dark fitted jacket and tailored trousers might seem mundane, but certainly not in Madame Macron’s case! The silver details on the jacket noticeably refreshed the look.

The outfit’s integrity was enhanced with understated pumps and petite earrings. As for rings, Brigitte opted for relatively substantial ones. However, considering that the other elements of the ensemble were not overly flashy, it complemented the look well. The finishing touches were the hairstyle and makeup: slightly gathered voluminous curls, dark eyeshadow, and nude lipstick.

Brigitte Macron’s style has many admirers

After the elections, fans of Madame Macron began discussing her appearance during her husband’s victory. Some noted that this time Brigitte’s outfit was not very successful: «Slightly hussar, don’t you think?» But critics were immediately countered: «What does slightly hussar mean? Envy is a bad thing. Every time I see Brigitte, she is always stylishly dressed. And this time she looks just as stylish,» «Yes, envy is overwhelming for some! Madame Macron looks wonderful,» «She is wonderful! No duck lips or caterpillar eyebrows,» «Always dressed interestingly,» «She is a magnificent woman at her age.

By the way, about age. Many are bothered by the fact that Emmanuel married Brigitte, who is 25 years older than him. A couple of weeks ago, Madame Macron turned 69. But it seems that her style often helps her shed a decade. What do you think?

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