20 photos showing that dogs can have strong friendships too

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, it’s worth noting that dogs are social animals that get along quite well with each other, and strong and loyal friendships can develop among them too. It’s truly heartwarming when they spend time together, play, goof around, and celebrate life. And these touching and amusing photos of best friends are a testament to that.

1. A humble kiss

2. They think we’re going to the vet, but in reality we’re going for a walk in the park

3. At first we thought they wouldn’t get along

4. A Pit Bull and a Chihuahua that were taken from the shelter together

5. «Come on — take pictures of us!»

6. Harlow and Indiana

7. Friends

8. One curiosity for three

9. Common problems very often bring people closer together

10. In confidence

11. «Hey neighbor!»

12. Friends Forever

13. A photo to remember

14. Hug time

15. Best friends forever

16. In safe custody

17. I love you big sister!

18. Definitely relatives

19. three best friends

20. Sisters

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