Nicole Kidman’s fans are concerned about her dramatic weight loss

Fans of Nicole Kidman are concerned about her sudden weight loss. They have noticed her erratic social media posts, a sharp loss of weight, and changes in her face that raised suspicions of plastic surgery. An insider from In Touch stated, «Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with her. Even those close to her are concerned. The truth is, Nicole is working a lot.»

Over the past two years, Nicole has appeared in five TV series and three films. «She is constantly involved in projects while also handling endorsements and producing,» says the insider. «She even took on the role of a representative for the Balenciaga brand, as if she needed more to do.»

Another source reports that she also earns over $1 million for a few hours of work, appearing at private events. Despite her estimated $250 million net worth, «it’s as if she’s afraid that if she turns down opportunities, she’ll lose the career she has worked so hard for,» adds the insider.

Kidman is fully immersed in her work. She is known to dissolve into her characters to the extent that set members notice that «something inside her just breaks, and she becomes a different person,» says the insider.

«Nicole has always been shy and a bit eccentric, which sometimes makes her awkward in social situations. But her recent behavior has attracted a lot of attention,» he adds. «Sometimes, she seems out of sorts.»

In a series of Instagram photos posted on November 30, the actress made funny faces in rock band T-shirts without pants. Besides acting «like she’s 15 years old,» as one commenter was outraged, others noticed she had become «bony,» and it seems she had plastic surgery.

«She looks incredibly thin. People are whispering about how skeletal she looks,» says a witness who recently saw her on the set of the erotic thriller «Being the Ricardos» in New York.

Some believe that Nicole needs to slow down. «She tends to lose weight when she overworks,» notes the insider, adding that even an Oscar winner cannot escape Hollywood’s demanding beauty standards, criticizing her for dressing in age-inappropriate outfits. «And beyond all this public criticism, she doesn’t give herself enough time to recover from constant travel and a tight work schedule. She hardly sees her family, which is tough for her and may explain why she doesn’t look like herself.

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