Not royal: Prince William received an original Christmas present from Markle

It went without extravagant expenses.

No matter how rich and authoritative members of the royal family are, there has long been a tradition in their circle. Royal individuals sincerely believe that happiness lies in small things. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. For example, Meghan Markle had to put some thought into this tradition.

The Windsors do not have the custom of giving each other expensive gifts. Even on the eve of Christmas, they refuse to spend exorbitant sums on presents.

According to family biographers, the Duchess of Sussex found it challenging to come up with a surprise for Prince William. But in the end, an interesting idea came to the actress’s mind.

Markle gave the Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton’s husband a spoon engraved with the inscription «Cereal Killer.» As for the late Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry’s chosen one presented her with a toy hamster, as reported by Mirror.

Source of the photo: Legion-Media.

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