What is known about Anok Yai, who was chosen as the best model of 2023

Not everyone can boast the title of Model of the Year, can they? However, one of the models has even managed to outshine Bella Hadid. We are talking about Anok Yai. The Sudanese-origin model is only 26 years old, yet she can openly say no to global brands and be a bit bold. How did she become the «Model of the Year 2023,» and what else is known about her, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Anok Yai

Perhaps, it’s worth starting with the fact that Anok Yai was born on December 20, 1997, in Cairo, Egypt. When she was 2 years old, the future runway star’s family moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. After graduating from Manchester West High School, she enrolled at Plymouth State University. Here, she studied biochemistry with a strong determination to become a doctor later on.

But everything changed with one incident. In October 2017, a professional photographer noticed Anok and expressed a desire to photograph the young beauty. Yai’s photos instantly became popular, attracting attention from modeling agencies eager to sign such a gifted talent. The student ultimately decided to sign a contract with Next Model Management.

From that moment on, various fashion shows and a rapid ascent up the career ladder began. For instance, in the past season, Anok Yai became an integral part of shows for prestigious brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Mugler, Versace, and Tom Ford. It is important to note that she became the first Sudanese-origin model to open the Prada show during the Spring-Summer 2018 campaign.

Сегодня же 26-летняя красавица уверенно обходит даже супермоделей. Как уже было замечено ранее, Анок стала «моделью года 2023» по версии сайта Models.com. Участие в голосовании принимали как зрители, так и профессиональные эксперты. Второе место разделили Палома Элсессер и Белла Хадид.

«You are the business.»

In one of her interviews, Yai admitted that she credits her success to her own agent. «Know that you are the business. That was the best advice I’ve ever received,» she said. The model not only acts strategically but also creatively. Needless to say, she can afford to say no to renowned brands.

A vivid example of this is Anok’s refusal to wear an afro or a bob hairstyle. However, as a result, some brands chose not to continue collaborating with the bold model. Nevertheless, Yai serves as an example for many of her peers, especially after they see the sign behind the scenes of fashion shows: «Do not touch Anok’s hair.»

The 26-year-old model doesn’t shy away when it comes to choosing outfits for various shows. Anok always discusses her preferences with designers and isn’t afraid to inject a bit of boldness even in such matters. As for her schedule, it is managed by Anok’s sister, Alim. Importantly, Alim also serves as the financial consultant for the rising runway star.

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