Rescuers wanted to take the old cat, but an incredible surprise awaited them.

This story happened in North Carolina. Rescuers received a call that an old 17-year-old cat was all alone: the owner had died and the owner was in the hospital.

The rescuers went to pick up the poor guy, but they were in for a fun surprise!

As it turned out, the old cat was not alone, but with a friendly company: a mother duck with a duckling, a mother cat with four kittens, a lonely cat and four puppies. And all this motley company was taken in bulk by the rescuers!

The most affectionate of all — the mother cat — didn’t mind at all that the rescuers examined her cubs.

The most curious one, an incredibly fluffy yellow duckling, walked around the kittens and examined them thoughtfully. Perhaps he just wanted to learn cat language?

And the kittens — white, ginger, black and tricolor — took the duckling as their kin and constantly tried to hug it.

Now all the animals are fine: the duck and the duckling have already found owners, the lonely cat is also placed in good hands, the kittens should grow up a little more and undergo sterilization.

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