The weirdest events of 2023

The outgoing year was full of scandals and strange events. We decided to remind you of some of them, from politics and celebrity life to amusing adventures of ordinary people.

British Town Cancels New Year’s Fireworks Due to Walrus

A British town canceled its New Year’s fireworks because of a walrus. At the end of last year, a walrus nicknamed Thor on the shores of Scarborough attracted visitors from around the world who wanted to see the marine mammal far from its home.

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This led to the city canceling the New Year’s fireworks to protect the mammal. Many noted that the well-being of wildlife took precedence over human entertainment.

The walrus first appeared on December 30, after which a cordon was set up for its safety. At one point, the animal began performing flipper masturbation, a behavior observed in many wild species.

Wild Dances of the Finnish Prime Minister

Former Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who gained fame through a dancing video, suddenly announced her departure from politics to work for a non-profit organization in London.

Marin exited politics, announcing that she would become an advisor to the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. It was also revealed that in October, the former leader signed a contract with Range Media Partners, a talent agency representing other notable celebrities, to assist Marin in navigating future media opportunities.

Kylie Jenner and the Lion’s Head»

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Kylie Jenner’s dress at the Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2023 haute couture show, featuring an enormous lion’s head, went viral. Apart from facing criticism, her outfit became the subject of numerous memes.

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Trump Takes Offense at Kim Kardashian

Former President Donald Trump referred to Kim Kardashian as the «most overrated celebrity in the world,» refuting claims of an incident between them in Jonathan Karl’s new book, «Tired of Winning.

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In the ‘book,’ the most overrated celebrity in the world, Kim Kardashian, supposedly tells me that she ‘uses her fame to attract football stars to the White House’ if I soften sentences for various inmates,» Trump wrote on his Truth social media. «This story is fake news, as she would be the last person I’d ask to bring in football players.»

However, Trump praised her ex-husband, Kanye West. «I really helped with sentence reductions, but only if they deserved it, and it’s more related to Kanye West than Kim, who probably voted for the lying Joe Biden, and look at the mess our country is in now,» added the former U.S. president.

Kardashian visited Trump at the White House in 2018 for a meeting on prison reform and the commutation of the life sentence of a prisoner named Alice Marie Johnson. «I can’t say anything bad about the president,» Kardashian later said in the same year. «He did something amazing.»

Serpent from the Sky
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A Texas resident recounted that a snake fell from the sky onto her arm, and then a hawk attacked her.

In late July, Peggy Jones was mowing the lawn in Silsbee, Texas, when a snake fell from the sky and coiled around her arm. Subsequently, as reported by CBS News, a hawk swooped in, initiating a National Geographic-style brawl.

«The hawk grabbed the snake, which was coiled around my arm, and pulled it as if it was going to carry it away,» she recalled. After a few agonizing minutes, the hawk managed to detach the snake from Jones, whose hand was scratched and bloodied by the hawk’s talons. It’s possible that she was also bitten by the snake, although she’s not sure if that happened.

Same-Sex Encounter in the U.S. Congress Building»

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The Daily Caller reported on a video showing one of the U.S. Congress staffers engaging in ‘sex with an unknown man in the Senate hearing room.’ The video was posted in a private gay political group.

According to Politico, the video appears to have been filmed in Room 216 of the Senate office building.

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