«Grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground»: Sylvester Stallone confessed how his father used to torment him.

The childhood of the famous actor was difficult. Popular American actor Sylvester Stallone revealed in a documentary on Netflix about his tough childhood and challenging relationship with his father.

It turns out that Stallone’s father used to beat him in childhood. The actor noted that the prototype for his work in the movie «Rambo,» where he played the main role, was precisely his father.

«I was raised by a very tough father. Nothing was ever resolved verbally. Usually, it was a physical ultimatum. My father was the real-life Rambo,» the celebrity shared.

The actor also talked about how his father would beat him during horseback riding lessons, simply because he thought Sylvester wasn’t doing well enough.

«He comes from the stands, grabs me by the throat, throws me to the ground, takes the horse, and walks off the field. That’s when lying down, I said, ‘I never want to see a horse again in my life,'» Stallone said.

He added how he reacted to his parents’ arguments.

«Our parents worked like clockwork. You wake up in bed, and you hear them arguing and shouting. It instantly paralyzed me because it echoed,» shared Frank Jr.

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