Pamela Anderson, the Hollywood diva, at the age of 56, has opted out of wearing makeup.

The actress starred for a clothing brand and chose not to apply extravagant makeup.

For a long time, Pamela Anderson avoided public appearances. Now, the 90s star is frequently invited to events and placed in the front rows. However, the celebrity has stopped wearing provocative makeup, which used to be an essential part of her public outings. Anderson has been spotted at fashion shows with a completely ‘clean’ face. Recently, the actress decided to share why she completely gave up makeup and started to appreciate natural beauty.

It turns out that the decision was influenced by the death of her makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, who passed away five years ago from breast cancer. ‘Alexis was the best. Since then, I just felt that without her, I’m better off not using cosmetics,’ says Pamela. Moreover, Anderson considers abstaining from decorative cosmetics as a rebellious act. ‘I noticed that all these people create dramatic makeups, and we all end up looking alike. Going against the flow and doing the opposite of what everyone else does is what I really like,’ noted the ‘Baywatch’ star.

Not long ago, Pamela starred in a brand’s advertising campaign once again, and here she appeared without makeup. Anderson continues to break stereotypes, attracting attention. In front of the cameras, she appeared in a total black look: flared pants, a black cloak. In another shot, the actress poses in ‘mom jeans’ and an oversized white blazer. Instead of an extravagant hairstyle, the celebrity opted for loose straight hair.

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