Beauty with strong genes: Russians were amazed with delight after seeing a photo of Peresild’s mom.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Yulia Peresild is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Russian cinema, and now it’s clear where her attractiveness comes from. It turns out that the celebrity’s mom looks equally stunning.

On social media, the ‘space star’ proudly shared a photo of her dear one. Irina Peresild worked in a kindergarten for many years and simply adores children. With her beloved granddaughters, when they were little, she spent every weekend so that her daughter could peacefully attend to her affairs.

The retiree sports a short haircut, emphasizing her beautiful facial features. Despite having wrinkles, fans note that they only add to her charm. Blonde’s admirers expressed their admiration for her mother’s appearance, mentioning that they resemble each other a lot.

«‘What a beautiful mom,’ ‘Your mom definitely doesn’t know what aging is,’ ‘Mom is gorgeous,’ ‘You resemble your mom,’ ‘What a beautiful mom and what strong genes she has. All the girls look like her. Health!’ — wrote the actress’s fans.»

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