Christina Aguilera has embraced her voluptuous figure.

Christina Aguilera has come to terms with her curvaceous figure after years of criticism and shared the secret to her 18kg weight loss.

The singer revealed that the key to her weight loss is a healthy, balanced diet and rigorous workouts. Aguilera faced criticism for gaining weight after the birth of her son Max and during her divorce in 2010.

Aguilera performed in Las Vegas, showcasing several form-fitting outfits to display her incredible figure. One of the stunning ensembles was a blue-silver bodysuit and a dress with a cape and a high slit, accentuating her curves and legs.

In recent years, Aguilera has lost approximately 18 kg and in several interviews, she shared how she came to terms with her body. The 43-year-old singer stated that she genuinely ‘hated being super skinny’ and learned to love her ‘new curves.’

After several years of fluctuating between a slimmer and a more voluptuous body, Aguilera mentioned that she has settled on a strong and fit figure, ‘with a booty.’ The ‘Candyman’ singer revealed that her secret is a strict fitness regimen and adhering to a healthy and balanced diet.

For many years, Aguilera has been under the scrutiny of the press and fans due to fluctuations in her weight. In 2008, when her son Max was born, the singer gained significant weight, which garnered a lot of comments in the media.

After the birth of her son, Aguilera lost 18 kg by reducing her daily calorie intake to 1600 calories and adopting the infamous ‘Rainbow Diet.’ This means that the singer primarily consumes plant-based food and incorporates vibrant fruits and vegetables into her diet.

Two years later, when Aguilera began preparing for her role in the popular 2010 film ‘Burlesque,’ she started losing weight again. Several months later, she experienced emotional distress due to her divorce from composer Jordan Bratman, triggering another episode of weight gain.

In 2020, Aguilera revealed that she stopped dieting and simply focuses on eating right. She concentrated on a Whole Foods-based diet and completely eliminated sweet snacks from her diet.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, Aguilera also shared that she strives to stay physically active and engages in various fitness programs. This includes cardio exercises, workouts about four to five times a week, boxing, yoga, and strength training to keep her body in shape.

Aguilera also works with renowned fitness trainer Tee Sorge, who helps her with cardio workouts and weightlifting, enabling the actress to maintain her voluptuous figure despite fluctuations in weight.

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