«Britney Spears: I will never return to the music industry.»

Britney Spears fans will be disappointed after the singer debunked rumors of recording a new album.

«Just to be clear, most of the things you read about me in the news are fake… I’m not talking to anyone right now about my music, nor do I have plans to record a new album. I never know where they get it from!!!” Spears wrote on her Instagram. She noted that she still writes new songs, albeit for other artists. ‘I write songs when there’s an urge to write,’ Spears wrote. ‘I’m doing this for fun or whatever !!!!! For the past two years, I’ve been here and there, writing, and I’ve written 20 new songs!!!!’

Earlier, Spears stated that she has no plans to return. In her memoir ‘A Mother’s Gift,’ Spears said that her father’s guardianship over her was ‘lethal’ for her music career. ‘Moving forward in my music career is not my focus at the moment,’ Spears wrote. ‘It’s time to really find myself,’ she continued.»

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