«She was already gray, but I recognized her by the eyes that were familiar to me» — the owner found the dog after several years.

A few years ago, Anastasia lost her dog Laura when she ran away during a walk. Despite numerous searches and posting ads on social media, the results were inconclusive. Hope for the return of her beloved pet gradually faded.

However, fate had an unexpected twist for Anastasia. On the internet, she came across an advertisement featuring photos of two dogs wandering in one of the city’s neighborhoods. In one of them, she immediately recognized her Laura — by the eyes, the ear hanging to the right, and even the slight graying on her backside.

Nastya didn’t forget even the details after so many years. Additionally, a key factor for identifying Laura was the postoperative scar on her abdomen.

Having written to the owner of the photos, Anastasia did not receive a response for a long time. In response to the silence, the girl decided to post her own missing announcement in the same group. Shortly after that, she received a message from a volunteer woman who found Laura.

The meeting with the dog was touching. As soon as Anastasia entered the volunteer’s home, Laura immediately recognized her, barked joyfully, and leaped into her arms. On the way home, Laura constantly cuddled up to her owner, expressing her boundless happiness.

The first night after the reunion, Laura spent in bed with Anastasia, just like before.

Now, Laura is walked on a leash, but love and joy have returned to their lives, and Anastasia is once again with her faithful friend.

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