Only a thorough wash will reveal the true essence of the beast!

«For pets, there is nothing worse than ordinary water. Not in an abstract sense, but when used as intended. For instance, you can use a spray bottle to mist water on a mischievous little one who likes to climb on the table and break them of that habit.

However, the most effective means is water with soap or shampoo, which ruthlessly washes away all the antics and displays. That’s when we see them for what they really are!»

Even if they are distressed from the wash, they are not broken.

They may encourage new experiences, but not without warning.

A mean girl can suddenly become obedient? How is that possible?

Optimism is not misplaced. They can dry out and get dirty again!

There comes a time of deep reflection. Where does the food in your refrigerator come from?

Even the important and fat becomes thin and timid.

«I was so beautiful. What have you done…»

The sly red face is ready to repent.

When they realize that life is a pain and a wash.

The alternative is that water is beyond them, they retain their resilient character.

«I won’t chew on wires anymore. And flowers. And nothing at all.»

Even if the doggie wasn’t impressive as it was, after washing it, it becomes quite… different.

How often do you wash your pets?

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