«10 disappointed girls who felt like their cat had a rival.»

A cat is such a beautiful animal that not every man can resist such attractiveness. When it lives in an apartment all set up, it cannot fulfill its hunting instinct. Therefore, the cat begins to claim the owner’s heart. It quickly and easily evokes a sense of attachment from the owner. The man redirects all his attention to the pet, and the woman is left out of the loop.»

1. «Well, how can you not fall in love with her?»

2. «It’s just impossible to resist that look.»

3. «My boyfriend is ready to serve this redheaded beast for the rest of his life.»

4. «There’s no cuter picture in the world.»

5. «My cat only looks at my boyfriend like that.»

6. «If my husband walks out the door, the cat hangs on the pen and meows until he comes back»

7. «When the cat wants to snuggle, she chooses a man between me and a guy»

8. «When my boyfriend strokes the cat, she just goes ballistic and won’t let anyone else near her»

9. «Even though I have a loved one and a cat, I spend my evenings alone, and here’s why.»

10. «My husband’s haircut is under strict pet control»

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