«Egyptian Maus — these cats are very beautiful, graceful, playful, and cunning.»

«Egyptian Mau is a rather rare breed of cats.»

They are characterized by their cheerfulness, playfulness, yet surprising restraint.

With their owners, with children they are very sociable and affectionate, but with strangers they behave very differently.

They shy away from strangers and will never approach them for a cuddle.

In general, representatives of this breed are completely non-conflictive and easily get along with various animals.

They are affectionate and cozy. It is very pleasant to have such a kitty in your home. The Egyptian Mau has a quiet and pleasant voice. These cats are stress resistant and never show aggression.

A big advantage is the cat’s excellent health. They live mostly up to 12-15 years. Care for representatives of this breed will not cause trouble.

Of course, the Mau will feel best in a private home where they can walk in the fresh air and explore the world.

They need to be combed out once a week. Cats can’t stand being alone. If you are away from home a lot, you should not get this breed.

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