Rules for the First Date

Date is a great opportunity to get out, enjoy delicious food, and — why be shy — indulge in good sex. Of course, only if you’re going on a date with a girl. And follow these simple rules.

A date is a good opportunity to go out, eat good food and — what’s embarrassing — have good sex. Of course, only if you go on a date with a girl. And you follow these simple rules.
When do I call?
The «four-hour rule» tells us that the specified time before the start of the date, you should call the second participant (i.e., we hope, the girl) and ask if her plans for the evening have changed. If the plans have changed, you will get valuable information and some spare time to make another call («I told you, you should have invited Svetka — she has kinder eyes!»). If not — she will be pleased that you once again bothered.

Where to have dinner?

If possible, choose a place of dinner closer to her home — so that then you can see her off. All, however, depends on what goal you set for yourself this evening — maybe do without dinner at all and call her straight to his apartment — what ceremony?! The rule of thumb — if you pick her up by car, remember to get out and open the door; we checked — even James Bond in the movie did so.

How to dress for a date?

Psychologists have proven, proven and proven: women are attracted to the color blue. Immediately run to your neighbor to borrow a blue shirt — suddenly he does not know about it yet. By the way, red is considered to be a color that attracts men — so if she’s wearing a tight red mini today, draw conclusions.

Compliments on a date

The classic formula: say compliments . But not trite ones. In the ten thousandth time to praise the right half of her butt no sense. But, for example, to say that she knows about oriental cuisine, because she ordered sea cuttlefish with nemono sauce — a gesture worthy of a real gentleman. Well, and praise the outfit of the partner should also be — she was preparing, trying.

How to behave on a date with a girl?

So, how to behave on a date? Ask her something. You can even sketch out a list of questions that you would like to clarify once and for all (no, the question «can I touch your breasts?» is canceled immediately!). She answers you — you pretend to listen attentively. It’s better for you: the less you say, the less chance you have of blowing it. For example, tell about his two former lovers (this, by the way, a taboo topic for conversation — about previous relationships is better not to mention in vain).

How to represent?

If you meet your acquaintance, boss or even ex-wife, to introduce your companion is better during the first 30 seconds of your conversation. It is desirable to avoid the definition of «my friend». Mysteriously wink, show a thumb behind your back and whisper in your friend’s ear «Yes, today I finally have sex!» is also not necessary.

It’s kissing time

If you think that everything went well — your companion did not leave in the first 15 minutes and did not kick you in the groin, then now you have the moral right to kiss her on the cheek . Attention: the girl may not respond to the kiss! After all, she is modest, shy and a little nervous, or maybe she has just today gives birth to her favorite cat. But if she does not kiss you and on the second date — all, game over. Really, I probably should have asked Svetka out.

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