The Ideal Basic Wardrobe for the Modern Man: 9 Must-Have Items.

Fashion comes and goes, but there are items that never lose their relevance under any circumstances.

1.Men’s Sweater with a Round or V-neck

Your winter basic wardrobe definitely won’t do without warm clothing, so the very first thing to run to the store for is a couple of sweaters. The advantage of the latter is that they are suitable for all age groups and blend well with almost any outfit. The main thing is to remember an important rule: a sweater with a round neckline is perfect for creating a relaxed and effortless casual look, while a V-neck sweater is better paired with a business suit.

If you are unsure about the shades, stop your choice at a fail-safe option — a sweater in a neutral palette, formed by shades of blue, gray, brown, and beige. These models will be the ones you need most often. When something from the mentioned colors is already in your wardrobe, feel free to buy sweaters in other, more specific and fashionable shades to qualitatively diversify your restrained look.

By the way, when choosing a sweater, always look at the composition. If it contains more than 10-15% synthetic materials, it’s better to refrain from buying. As for washing peculiarities, it’s essential to study the label. Special care should be taken with items made of natural wool and angora: to preserve the original appearance of the sweater, use the most delicate washing modes, as well as detergents and balms designed for woolen items.

2.Dark Men’s JeansDark blue jeans are precisely the type that will never go out of style under any circumstances. Moreover, this wardrobe item possesses absolute versatility: jeans pair well with T-shirts, cardigans, parkas, shirts, blazers, bomber jackets, and rugged leather jackets.

In this case, it’s definitely not worth saving: just one pair of high-quality, perfectly cut denim will serve you for several years, complementing any of your looks perfectly. Special attention should be paid to jeans from well-known brands such as Levi’s, Diesel, Acne, A.P.C., or AllSaints — these brands specialize in denim and know how to make jeans that bring you true satisfaction.

3. Solid Color T-shirt

You can never have too many T-shirts, especially if they are solid-colored. The most popular colors are white, gray, blue, and black: these options pair well with blazers, cardigans, jackets, and any type of outerwear. Again, don’t skimp and give preference to high-quality items: a good T-shirt retains its shape for as long as possible without deforming after washing.

4. Light Shirt

Just like in the previous case, white and light blue shirts can boast excellent versatility — no wonder they are considered one of the cornerstones of a complete men’s wardrobe. By adding just two or three shirts in light shades to your arsenal, you can confidently create both casual looks (for example, with jeans and a leather jacket) and formal outfits (with classic trousers and a blazer).

5. Men’s Classic Suit

Every self-respecting man definitely has a good, classic-cut suit in his wardrobe. If, for some reason, you haven’t acquired one yet, it’s essential to correct this misunderstanding. To understand which suit suits you best, it’s crucial to conduct fittings (naturally, purchasing online in this case is out of the question).

Approach the choice carefully: the suit should fit you perfectly, as you’ll be using it for important and responsible occasions. Double-breasted or single-breasted doesn’t matter much, but among the shades, it’s preferable to opt for a dark color as it’s more versatile.

By the way, a good classic suit will never cost less than €100, so it’s strongly recommended not to skimp on its purchase.

6. Checkered Shirt

This stylish wardrobe item is simply indispensable if you predominantly embrace a casual, relaxed style in most aspects of your life. A checkered shirt is an excellent alternative to white and blue options, but it’s essential to remember that large and contrasting checks don’t fit into a formal look. If the print is small and in a single color scheme, feel free to combine such a shirt with a classic suit and complement it with a tie.

7. Knit Cardigan

In addition to a sweater, a cardigan must definitely find a place in the winter men’s wardrobe. It is precisely the kind of clothing that can add a touch of style to absolutely any outfit. One of the main advantages of a cardigan is that it allows you to achieve the extremely relevant trend of layering: confidently pair it with shirts, T-shirts, and lightweight sweaters, layering jackets, parkas, and coats as well.

8. Hoodie and Sweatshirt

These items stormed into our fashionable lives relatively recently, but today, it’s almost impossible to imagine a complete basic wardrobe without them. Although initially hoodies and sweatshirts were attributes of sporty style, now they are much more versatile. In other words, they are an indispensable detail of urban style, actively adopted by city dwellers. You can confidently combine them with athletic pants, shorts, jeans, non-classic cotton trousers, chinos, as well as with any jackets, and even single-breasted blazers.

9. Desert Boots

The classic name for these boots is Desert Boots: models similar to these were part of the arsenal of British soldiers during World War II in Egypt. Desert boots combine comfort and style with functionality. These boots fit seamlessly into casual and sporty styles and also serve as the perfect addition to a business casual suit.

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