How have the actors of our favorite New Year’s movies changed?

If asked about films you are ready to rewatch every year even after 20 years, what would come to your mind? There are plenty of options. However, some of them indeed resonate in our hearts even after years. Unfortunately, while the work of filmmakers remains just as relevant, the actors in our beloved Christmas movies inevitably age. Today, we’ll show you how the performers of the main roles in classic Christmas films have changed.

Actors of Christmas Movies: ‘Elf’ (2003)

As of the release of the Christmas film ‘Elf’ in 2003, the main cast members Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel were 36 and 23 years old, respectively. Now, 21 years have passed since then. During this time, the actors have been involved in numerous other projects, and some have even gotten married twice. But how do they look today? The answer will be provided just below.

«Jack Frost» (1998)

Do you remember the kid from the 1998 movie Jack Frost? You’ll probably be surprised to learn that he’s grown into a…

…37-year-old handsome man. That’s not surprising, since it’s been more than a quarter century since then.

«Santa Claus» (1994).

Of course, we can’t overlook Santa Claus portrayed by Tim Allen in the film of the same name from 1994. Interestingly, despite his venerable age, the actor has no intention of parting ways with the world of cinema. Therefore, he is even ready, at the age of 70, to return to the role of everyone’s beloved Santa Claus.

For example, here’s how Tim appeared in the continuation of the mentioned film — the series «The Santa Clauses.» And without a doubt, the man clearly knows the secret of the fountain of youth.

«Christmas Vacation» (1989)

If we are to arrange a collection of «Actors of Christmas Movies,» then it’s a must to include «Christmas Vacation» from 1989. However, it’s essential to understand that 34 years have passed since then. Undoubtedly, the performers of the main roles could have noticeably aged.

For example, this is how Chevy Chase looks today. The actor celebrated his 80th birthday last year. At the time of filming «Christmas Vacation,» he was 46 years old.

And looking at the 72-year-old Beverly D’Angelo, one might want to gasp in admiration.

By the way, the screen daughter is not far behind her star «mother.» Admit it, were you able to recognize Juliette Lewis, who played the Griswold heiress in the mentioned film? The actress, by the way, celebrated her fiftieth birthday last year. It’s interesting, where does she get such genetics?

Coming on the heels of screen sister and Johnny Galecki. He has matured considerably over the years, hasn’t he?

Admit it: who were you not expecting to see in today’s collection? And who impressed you the most with their changes? Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments.

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