Pork Shish Kebabs: Best Recipes for Juicy and Tender Meat

Greetings, dear readers! Spring is here, the first warm days have arrived, and it’s time to grill pork shish kebabs. As they say, it’s the beginning of the shish kebab season. Shish kebab is an amazing dish with incredibly tasty meat. The fire and smoke give the meat a unique flavor.

Yes, you can’t cook such a dish in the oven. Today, let’s talk about the classic, almost traditional, pork shish kebab. Pork is affordable, and it’s juicy and tender. This dish is perfect for treating family and friends.

There are a few simple tricks that everyone should know. Then your shish kebab will turn out amazing. Let’s talk a bit about it today.

In a previous article, we already discussed juicy recipes, and you can read about it. There is one fantastic recipe that makes even dry meat juicy and delicious: Pork Shish Kebab: The Most Delicious Marinade to Make Meat Tender.

Now let’s move on and explore a recipe that has been a favorite for a long time for making delicious pork shish kebabs.

Chicken — Which Part is Best for Kebabs?

The most accessible and inexpensive option is chicken. When choosing chicken, you just need to decide on a specific part of the bird. It’s better to take pieces of one type: wings, drumsticks, or thighs. In this case, the cooking time will be the same for the entire kebab.

Fillet is not entirely suitable for this dish. Although it cooks faster, it quickly loses moisture and becomes dry.

Wings also cook quickly, form a beautiful crust, but they contain less meat in relation to the number of bones.

If you choose chicken thighs, take the time to remove the bones. Chicken thighs often do not cook well due to the presence of bones. If the chicken is cooked too long, the skin may burn, and the upper meat fibers may contract, releasing all the juice and becoming dry, losing their taste.

Pork Shish Kebab in the Classic Recipe with Vinegar

Honestly, I did not want to write about this type as I am not a big fan myself. I’ve mentioned several times that vinegar makes pork tougher. However, many people enjoy this variation, so I want to share a slightly modified recipe that turns out much better than the traditional one.

If you prefer the classic recipe, you can watch this video. Use 9% table vinegar and follow along.

Now, as promised, let me show you a method that requires minimal effort from you. You can take a bucket of meat and head out for a picnic. In other words, the meat will be fresh and without marinade. How is this possible? Let me share one secret.

Just remember that for this type, pork loin is taken, specifically the adrenal part of the pig, located under the spine. This muscle almost does not work, so the conclusion suggests itself — the meat will be incredibly tender. That’s why it turns out to be excellent on its own!

It is cut into medallions and immediately placed on the grill. As for adding flavors and aromas, or in other words, making it tastier, spices and seasonings are added. The magical liquid is prepared.
We will need:

— Pork loin

— Water — 1 liter

— Salt — 1 teaspoon with a slide

— Sugar — 2 teaspoons

— Cloves — 15 pieces

— Bay leaves — 3-4 pieces

— Hot chili pepper — 0.5 teaspoon

— Onion — 1 piece and 2 pieces for serving

— Garlic — 2 cloves

— Black peppercorns — 20 pieces

— 9% vinegar — 2-3 tablespoons

— Vegetable oil — 2 tablespoons


1. Start with the magical mixture of water. It will not be just water but with hints of various spices. Pour drinking water into a glass container, add a good spoonful of salt and two spoonfuls of sugar.

Next, add cloves, crush the bay leaves in your hands, and add them here.

Then add hot chili pepper. Chop the onion and garlic into cubes and add them to this mixture.

For the next step, a mortar is needed. Put black peppercorns in it and crush them slightly, not to the point of dust. Put them in the bowl.

Now add the 9% vinegar and odorless vegetable oil, stir, and taste. It should be moderately sour and aromatic. Let this magical liquid steep for 1 day. Afterward, strain it into a plastic bottle and head out for a picnic.

You can store such a marinade for about 1 week in the refrigerator, so prepare it in advance. When guests arrive, buy meat from the store, and you’re ready for a picnic.

In principle, meat can be marinated in this brine for a couple of hours, but it’s essential not to miss the right moment; otherwise, it won’t be as delicious. So, to avoid this, follow the procedure. This liquid will be used to pour over the skewers during grilling.

2. When you are already outdoors, you will need onions for serving. Cut it into thin half-rings, add a little parsley, and you can also add basil. Mix it up.

3. Start grilling. For this, cut the fillet into uniform pieces, put them on skewers, and the pieces should be about 3-4 cm.

Use good wood, such as fruit trees.

As soon as the coals are ready, start the grilling process. Make holes in the bottle lid and periodically pour the liquid. Turn the skewers to ensure even grilling.

An essential point: as soon as you pour, immediately wave a fan to prevent the coals from cooling down.

4. Now you can salt the meat on top, add pepper, and sprinkle. Oh, the magnificence is breathtaking from such deliciousness.

Garnish with onions, and you can also take green onions, which will be excellent.

5. Invite everyone for a tasting, cut a piece, and you will see that everything turned out perfectly. Everything is well-cooked, and if you press it, you will see that the pork is tender. Enjoy your meal!

*Translation Note: Some expressions are left in Russian as they are specific to the context and might not have direct equivalents in English or French.*

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