Grandmother turned out to be displeased with her grandson

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, and we had struggled to have children. However, a miracle happened recently, and I found out that I am pregnant. My mother-in-law used to constantly criticize me in front of relatives, saying, ‘My daughter-in-law is barren; I won’t have any grandchildren.’ Even though she already has one granddaughter from her older son. It was frustrating to hear all of this, but now she has nothing to say.

My husband and I love each other. Throughout all this time, he has been my pillar, supporting me. We went to hospitals together, underwent tests, and shed many tears. And finally, I became pregnant!

My mother-in-law turned out to be unhappy about our baby.

My mother-in-law already has a great-granddaughter from her first granddaughter. And four months ago, we welcomed a baby boy. The doctors assured us that everything was fine and we were both healthy. However, for a long time, things weren’t working out. But now our happiness knows no bounds. Sometimes, it’s just hard to believe that it’s real. However, our joy is not shared by my mother-in-law.

Our son completely doesn’t interest his own grandmother. She only talks about her great-granddaughter. When we gather together, we all eagerly listen to the grandmother’s admiring stories about this lovely girl. How she has grown, how her first tooth came out. But our own grandson seems to go unnoticed, as if he did something wrong.

I don’t understand my mother-in-law. For so many years, she reproached me for not fitting into their family. Saying that there has never been infertility in their family, and everyone has many children. And now, when I gave birth to her grandson, he turns out to be not needed. She hasn’t even taken him into her arms once. But for the great-granddaughter, everything: toys, clothes, and even golden earrings, she has given.

Perhaps my readers can explain to me why my mother-in-law so unevenly distributes her attention to the children?

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