This dog was so frightened that he closed his eyes like a child when the rescuers came for him.

Rescuers tried to catch this Golden Retriever for almost a week. According to the information they had, the dog used to be a pet. Her owner mistreated her, deprived her of food, and abused her. Because of this, the animal had no trust in people at all. Imagine, the hungry dog didn’t even fall for the food offered by the rescuers. Volunteers were considering using a tranquilizer, but one group managed to corner him.

Adult men, who daily encounter cruelty and see animals in terrible conditions, couldn’t hold back tears. The dog cowered in the corner and covered his eyes with his paws. Volunteers spent a lot of time and effort to get to him.

And now, this handsome Retriever is in the shelter, and he is unrecognizable. He now has everything he has been missing all his life: love and care.

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