Prince Harry spoke unfavorably about Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry is furious over his younger brother’s words about his wife.

After the death of Princess Diana, her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, were a support to each other. However, for the past four years, there has been an unresolved conflict between the brothers. The issue is that Prince Harry’s wife, attempting to impose her rules in the royal family, has strained his relationship with all members of his family.

Initially, Kate Middleton played the role of peacemaker and wanted to reconcile the brothers. However, it didn’t work out. And recently, it became known that Prince of Wales became even more angry with his brother.

In his documentary film «Harry and Meghan,» released on Netflix, Prince Harry spoke unfavorably about Prince William’s wife. Princess Diana’s younger son stated that members of the royal family marry only women who fit the mold, while Harry dared to connect his life with a woman who is truly destined for him. The Duke of Sussex hinted that the marriage of Prince and Princess of Wales was calculated, whereas Harry and Meghan’s was based on sincere love.

«Prince William is convinced that Harry’s attacks on Kate, especially the suggestion that men in the royal family simply marry women who fit the mold, ‘perfect dolls,’ were the lowest of the low. In addition to all the other breaches of trust, here Harry committed a blatant attack on Kate,» said royal biographer Robert Hardman. Moreover, Harry’s words shocked the family’s friends.

Prince William is already upset with his younger brother because he revealed all the family secrets in his memoir «The Bench.» William and King Charles III haven’t read the memoir, but Buckingham Palace informed them of the key points.

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