Nicole Kidman still feels self-conscious about her height.

More than seventy films, twenty-two TV shows, and high ratings from audiences and critics. It seems that Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman has every reason to be confident, but even stars have certain insecurities. Daily Mail reports that the 56-year-old Australian actress still feels self-conscious about her height, as she was told many times in the past that she was too tall to be a successful actress.

In an interview with Radio Times, Kidman, who stands at 180 cm (approximately 5 feet 11 inches), recalled, ‘I was told, «You’re too tall, you can’t have a career.»‘ The actress also stated that she often did not pass auditions in the film industry because of her height.

Kidman, whose height was already 175 cm (about 5 feet 9 inches) at the age of 13, admitted that when she was growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney on the east coast of Australia, she was often teased. ‘People would ask, «How’s the air up there?» There were those who said, «You’re much taller than I thought.» And men fought against my heels. When I’m getting ready for the red carpet, they send me shoes with really high heels. At that moment, I already start imagining myself as the tallest person on the red carpet – like a giraffe.’

Although height has long ceased to hinder the actress’s work, Kidman confessed that she still experiences concerns about potential limitations because of it. ‘Sometimes I worry when I want to look small, but there are occasions when I appreciate my height and use the associated advantages in my work,’ the actress admitted.

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