Harsh quote from Jean Reno on how to treat traitors

«Straining my brain trying to remember where Jean Reno played. Besides ‘Léon’ and ‘Wasabi,’ nothing else comes to mind. But wake me up at three in the morning and show me a photo of the actor—I’ll immediately tell you his name and surname.

And why did I suddenly decide to remember Reno? It’s because online, I came across his very harsh and uncompromising quote about how to treat traitors.

His words made me deeply contemplate. And reminisce—were there betrayals in my life?

For three days, my thoughts returned to this topic. And I realized—there were no serious betrayals or setbacks. Thank fate.

Therefore, everything I write next may be considered incoherent nonsense. But I will still try to express my point of view, different from Jean Reno’s thoughts.

And he said this:

«You cannot go back»

«To traitors. You cannot.»

«Bite your elbows, chew the ground,»

«But do not go back to the place»

«Where you were betrayed someday.»

What is betrayal?

«It’s when you trust someone as yourself, and he suddenly turns out to be a traitor: acting against your interests.»

And one wants to exclaim: people, why do you blindly trust each other? The world experience shows: greed, avarice, envy, jealousy, polygamy sit in each of us. And they just wait for their moment to break free. Like evil in thrillers.

There are no holy people, none.

Russian writer Alexandra Marinina once said such a phrase:

«No one is needed by anyone if there are no momentary interests.»

This is an adult and wise understanding of life.

Every person is for themselves. Except, perhaps, a mother ready to give everything for her child, but even mothers vary.

Those who are ready to be deceived are deceived. The rest have some immunity: people, having reached a certain age, understand that betrayal is just as much a component of life as, for example, love.

You cannot live 100 years and constantly jump over this barrier. Someday, you will still stumble upon it.

Omar Khayyam, the great Eastern sage, wrote this: «You don’t really care about people today,»

«Being better off from people in our days.»

«Open the eyes of your soul to the closest ones,—”

«You’ll see with horror: they are your enemies.»

But betrayal is not a pillar falling on your head. It is a person demonstrating their essence. Taking off the mask.

A fait accompli repels from it. It is not desirable to spend time with such a person, not desirable to see them, not to trust them.

So what does Reno mean by digging the ground and biting elbows? Can one be drawn to traitors?

Yes, there are women who declare, «He (the man) is deceiving me, but I still want to be with him.» And this is precisely what Marinina talked about: momentary interest. When you want to close your eyes to any vices for your own benefit.

True, if it doesn’t work, good relations turn into bitter hatred. Precisely because the situation is not in our favor.

I prefer Al Pacino’s approach to betrayal. He suggests detachment from traitors:

Al Pacino says: «I don’t have time to hate those who hate me. Because I’m too busy with those who love me.»

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