A ‘Forever Young’ Chinese Woman Reveals the Secret of Her Attractive Appearance

The Chinese woman who became famous for her ‘eternal youth,’ Liu Yelin, revealed that she manages to look good thanks to cold-weather workouts.

Yelin admitted that she has been actively involved in sports for 30 years. She especially enjoys swimming in open water: the woman doesn’t give up this activity even in winter.

Yelin has swum across the 40-kilometer Malacca Strait, parachuted from a height of 4.5 kilometers, and practiced yoga in 30-degree frost. Lately, Yelin, a retired librarian turned popular blogger, has been learning freediving on the beaches of the Philippines.

«I have always loved the sea and know how to scuba dive, but now I have set myself a new challenge. I want to dive as deep as possible without any equipment,» she said. The woman admitted that the new activity is not easy for her: not breathing underwater for three minutes turned out to be «unbearably painful.»

Yelin’s business partner, Teng’an Shi, believes that the woman is changing the standards of female beauty in China: «Previously, fair-haired, modest, and weak women were considered beautiful, but Yelin gradually breaks stereotypes. She is bold, not afraid to try something new, and I admire her courage.»

Yelin jokingly refers to her main goals in life as «traveling around the world and wearing beautiful swimsuits.» She hopes to maintain her appearance until the age of 80. Her 23-year-old son noted that it’s challenging for him to find a girlfriend because everyone mistakes his mother for his girlfriend.

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