What happened to Kate Middleton?

The princess faces a long recovery.

It became known recently that Kate Middleton was admitted to a London hospital; she underwent a planned abdominal surgery. Official representatives from Kensington Palace did not disclose the reasons but mentioned that she will not be participating in events until after Easter.

The operation was successful, and it is expected that the Princess of Wales will stay in the hospital for 10 to 14 days before returning home for further recovery. Based on current medical recommendations, she is unlikely to resume public duties until after Easter,» stated representatives of Kate Middleton.

The fact that Prince William canceled his participation in events to take care of his wife and children has sparked even more speculation and secret theories.

What happened to the princess? The media and fans of Kate are putting forward their own versions.

The extended period of the princess’s rehabilitation has alarmed fans. After all, Kate has always been known for her endurance, and even after giving birth, she would be discharged from the maternity hospital on the same day. The theory was immediately proposed that the princess might have cancer, but official sources refuted this version. In the comments, there was speculation that Kate decided to undergo tubal ligation to avoid further pregnancies, or less commonly, that the king’s daughter-in-law wanted a tummy tuck. This sounds unlikely, as the princess already has an excellent figure.

Hypotheses about an ectopic pregnancy were also put forward. However, this operation is not considered so traumatic as to require such a long rehabilitation afterward. Doctors suggest that the princess may have developed peritonitis, for example, as a result of a ruptured appendix. It is also possible that Middleton had her gallbladder removed. It is unknown whether the princess herself will want to voice her diagnosis or prefer to remain silent.

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