Madonna’s fans have filed a lawsuit against the singer.

Two of Madonna’s fans have filed a lawsuit against the singer for starting a concert in New York two hours late.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hayden have filed a lawsuit against the queen of pop and the concert organizer Live Nation. According to them, they suffered significant damages because the concert, scheduled for 8:30 PM, started at 10:30 PM.

According to the lawsuit, the concert delay constitutes ‘false advertising, misinformation, as well as unfair and deceptive trade practices.’

The plaintiffs acknowledge that Madonna had health issues, which led to the initial rescheduling of concert dates, but they do not consider it a valid reason for delays in already planned shows. Fans claim to have spent $155.90 and $292.50 on tickets, respectively.

Recall that last year, the singer faced health problems due to a life-threatening bacterial infection.

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