Penelope Cruz in a new Elle photoshoot: the actress talks about her role in Ferrari, children, and age.

Penelope Cruz posed for Elle magazine, shining in stylish images and speaking candidly on a number of topics. In an interview with the magazine, the Spanish actress talked about her character in the movie Ferrari, beautiful «aging» and raising children.

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The actress has played a real-life character more than once. In the TV series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Cruz played her friend Donatella Versace. But, as the magazine notes, Laura Ferrari was a different character. For one thing, her name isn’t globally recognized, so Cruise took it upon her shoulders to «become her voice for the first time.»

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In an interview with Elle, Penelope recalled that while filming in Modena, she went to the factory and met people who knew Laura.

«They didn’t seem to want to mention how strong she was. Did you know she slept in the tires? The night before the race she slept in the tires so no one would damage them. But people said, no, no, she was a difficult woman, very sour and unpredictable. Some called her crazy, and that word has been used for every woman in history to justify oppression against her.»

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The actress admitted she’s afraid to drive and explained why, «When I was 8 or 9 years old, my sister was hit by a car right in front of me. I remember that she was wearing a red coat. At that moment, time stopped for me. It was a great trauma because I saw her pass out. And at the hospital I told people in a daze. «My sister just got hit by a car.»

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Thanks to a series of movies starring her, Cruz became a mother in the eyes of the world before she even became a mother in real life. She now says, «At my age, 80 percent of the characters will be mothers, divorced or abandoned women, but I’ve been playing the roles of mothers since I was a little girl.»
Penelope says she knew from a young age that she wanted to have children. «But I knew I wanted to have them at an older age. I wanted to wait until I felt I was ready. I was sure it would be the most important thing I would do in my life.»

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Cruz keeps her children and Javier Bardem, 10-year-old Luna and 12-year-old Leo, out of the public eye as much as possible, but says she won’t stand in their way if they ever want to follow her lead. «That will be their decision, they have to figure out if they want to have a job that’s more open to the public. They’ll talk about it when they’re ready.»

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Not surprisingly, the Cruz kids don’t have social media accounts; they don’t even have cell phones. «They’re so easy to manipulate, especially when you’re young. It’s a brutal experience for kids and teens,» says the actress.

She is much talked about in Hollywood, especially about her age, or rather the fact that she is ageless. As tiresome as the topic is, there are some celebrities who the media just won’t let age them.

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«But you know why I don’t worry about it? Because people asked me my age when I was still in my early twenties. I was more worried then than I am now. Now it makes sense to talk about turning 50. It’s a beautiful thing, and I’m very happy with my years. It means I’m here, I’m healthy, and it’s a good reason to throw a party.»

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