Splendid: 65-year-old Sharon Stone posed for the cover of the magazine.

The 65-year-old actress graced the cover of Spanish Harper’s Bazaar.

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone participated in a photoshoot for the Spanish edition of Harper’s Bazaar. On the cover, she poses in a uniquely styled black dress. Someone even called the outfit extraterrestrial. The fitted silhouette perfectly accentuated the actress’s slender figure. A large bow adorns the back. Stone’s short hair is styled back, and makeup artists applied an evening makeup. Followers write, «Gorgeous,» «Queen,» «Like a girl. You don’t look older than 30,» «Admiring you.»

The second look is equally stunning. The star appears in a raspberry-colored sequined dress with fringe. Stylists added a cape to complement the outfit. Sharon Stone’s third look is in dark tones, featuring a dark blue pleated dress.

However, this look is more subdued without various extreme cuts. The pixie cut emphasizes Sharon’s delicacy. The Hollywood star also had a romantic look, posing in a light textured dress with a corset and a voluminous top. Fans write, «Incredible,» «Simply a goddess,» «The best cover ever.»

Undoubtedly, Sharon Stone looks fantastic for her age. However, the actress has a number of health conditions she has to deal with. In 2001, the celebrity suffered a stroke. Additionally, Sharon has been dealing with diabetes since childhood and is on insulin therapy. The artist leads a healthy lifestyle, eats well, and exercises. For example, the Hollywood actress practices Pilates and yoga. Sharon has also completely abstained from alcohol.

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