60-year-old Brad Pitt has announced that he wants to have children with his new partner.

According to an insider from the close circle of the American actor, no one would be surprised if Ines de Ramon is already pregnant. The couple has been living in a French estate owned by Brad Pitt recently.

The actor, known for his role in the film «Mr. & Mrs. Smith,» has been dating fitness trainer Ines de Ramon for over a year. They prefer to keep their relationship private, and their romance continues to flourish in a discreet setting, thanks to Brad Pitt’s well-organized secret rendezvous.

Brad Pitt has expressed his desire to have children with his new partner. The 60-year-old actor, facing challenges in communicating with his children after the breakup with Angelina Jolie in 2016, is eager to build a family with Ines de Ramon.

His relationship with his offspring was previously marred by scandal, but now he is determined to experience the joy of fatherhood again, with full support from his beloved.

The desire of the American star to expand his family was revealed by a source close to the couple. Brad Pitt, who once expressed the dream of becoming a father to many, is now, according to his friend, seeking to embark on a new chapter in his personal life with Ines.

It’s worth noting that Ines de Ramon is 29 years younger than her partner. She was previously married to actor Paul Wesley, but they did not become parents. Brad Pitt is not hiding the seriousness of his intentions – he even arranged a meeting between his children from his previous union with Angelina Jolie and Ines on his birthday.

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