61-year-old Demi Moore made a splash at the premiere of the series.

The Hollywood actress made a glamorous appearance at the social event in a luxurious swan-inspired ensemble.

Hollywood stars recently visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York for the premiere of the second season of the FX series ‘Feud: Capote vs. Swans.’ One of the main guests was Demi Moore, who took part in the filming. The celebrity made a stunning appearance that left everyone impressed.

The actress appeared at the social event in a dazzling black and white dress with open shoulders and a breathtaking décolletage from the Balmain brand. The outfit was a nod to the series, as it mimicked the silhouette of a swan. The dress featured a swan’s head on the bodice, smoothly transitioning into a voluminous tail. White stripes extended from the hip. It’s worth noting that the dress perfectly accentuated the fabulous figure of 61-year-old Demi Moore. The actress paired her ensemble with platform shoes that suited her look. Interestingly, the woman found it quite challenging to move, as the dress was very narrow at the bottom. An assistant helped Demi, whom she held onto to maintain balance.

In the series, Demi Moore played one of the leading roles, portraying model, actress, and dancer Ann ‘Bang-Bang’ Woodward, recognized in high society. The character killed her wealthy husband with a shotgun and managed to avoid trial by claiming she mistook him for a burglar. The series depicts the exile of the writer Truman Capote from New York’s ‘upper crust.’ He mingled with the ‘swans’—the socialite lionesses of New York—who initially embraced the writer into their circles. However, they later ousted him when Capote revealed their secrets.

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