Canine Loyalty: The dog burst into tears upon meeting its former companion.

Service dogs are trained and disciplined. Unfortunately, not all animals have the fortune to work with the same human partner throughout their service. Most change not one or two partners during their service, as people retire, transfer, or pass away… Dogs are not robots; they form attachments to the people they work with, and when those individuals, for whatever reason, leave them, they feel a sense of longing.

Recently, a video circulated on the Internet about a German Shepherd from China named Wang-Wang. The dog served in the police force for 8 years. When age caught up with him, the dog was honorably retired. A well-deserved retiree, he was placed in a good family that ensured he had a comfortable, happy, and carefree old age.

However, despite the excellent conditions in his new family, the dog missed his mentor. As it turned out, the mentor’s heart was not made of stone either. The man also felt a longing for his furry colleague, so he decided to visit him. The reunion was very touching.

Upon seeing the K9 handler, Wang-Wang leaped towards him, wagging his tail. The dog lay at the feet of his former partner, demonstrating love and loyalty. He gladly allowed himself to be petted, licked the handler’s hands, and there were genuine tears in his eyes.

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