The dog wakes her up in the middle of the night. When she sees her son, she is horrified!

This Labrador from the USA is named Jedi. Every day, the dog saves the life of his 7-year-old owner, Luke Nuttall.

That night, Luke and Jedi were sleeping together as usual. Suddenly, the dog sensed that the boy was in a critical condition – the child was suffering from diabetes.

Luke’s mom, Dorry, was sleeping in another room and didn’t hear the device beep, indicating her son’s low blood pressure. Jedi immediately rushed to Dorry’s bedroom, trying to wake her up as quickly as possible – Luke couldn’t wait.

The Labrador always sensed chemical changes in the boy’s body faster than any devices. Soon, Jedi learned special commands to clearly communicate to Dorry what was happening with Luke.

When the dog senses danger for Luke, it signals Dorry. First, Jedi approaches the mother and hands her a multicolored stick. Then, if Luke’s blood sugar is low, the dog lies down, and if it’s high, Jedi raises a paw.

Jedi has been saving Luke’s life for over three years. Without the dog, it would be much harder for the boy and his mom, Dorry. They regularly celebrate Jedi with parties – Dorry wants people worldwide to know how a dog can help a sick child.

Luke and Jedi have their own Facebook page where the boy’s mom regularly updates the story of their «Star Wars.» Dorry, like many other mothers with chronically ill children, faces challenges. Thankfully, Jedi is by their side – a true Jedi! May the Force be with us!

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