A man carries his little dog to protect its paws from the hot weather

Great gestures are always rewarded, especially when they are completely selfless. Such an event happened in Mexico when a man surprised many by carrying his little dog in his arms.

While scenes like this are not uncommon, what made it special was learning the true reason behind the kind gesture. On that day, the temperature was particularly high, and if it was challenging for humans to get through the day, imagine how it was for the small four-legged creatures.

Perhaps that’s why this kind man didn’t have to think twice to help his dog and show a bit of empathy. The image and video were shared on social media, setting a great example of how to understand and empathize with animals.

What he did was simple but important. Amid an extremely hot day, the man carried his little dog in his arms so that it wouldn’t touch the ground and get hurt.

«Applause for the man, protecting the dog’s paws without neglecting the little one,» commented a person who observed the photographs taken on a very hot day in the city of Irapuato, Mexico.

The video went viral, sparking a debate about the man’s prudence, as he was accompanied by a small child whom he didn’t carry.

Negative or critical comments were not long in coming, judging him for putting the dog first and not his son. Sarcastic comments can even be read: «Whatever about the creatures, but the dog…», «There are priorities; let the child walk.»

However, others applauded his gesture because during hot seasons, the little paws of dogs suffer a lot, especially their delicate pads, which are sensitive to cold or hot weather, causing painful wounds.

» The child has his little feet protected, whereas the little dog has his paws uncovered,» another person mentioned. «He is someone with a lot of empathy and responsibility for his pet and his child because he is holding his hand, a thousand blessings,» commented a user.

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