Sharon Stone is actively looking for a man

The Hollywood actress dreams of falling in love this year.

The actress has been married twice. However, neither marriage brought true happiness to the actress. Sharon Stone has three adult adopted sons. But the 65-year-old Hollywood star does not lose hope of finding a man with whom she could build a relationship. The truth is, it’s not that simple. The woman even uses dating apps, but there are men there with whom relationships cannot be built.

For instance, once she went on a date with a repeat offender. ‘Our further communication somehow didn’t work out,’ admitted the actress. The surprises didn’t end there. The next candidate turned out to be a drug addict. ‘He clearly did about 20 thousand more heroin injections than in the photo he sent me,’ Sharon recounts. As for the third fiancé, the actress comforted him after his wife left him. The next one cried on their date because his girlfriend had an abortion. But Sharon Stone continues to believe in love and really wants to fall in love this year.

Interestingly, earlier, Sharon had embraced her solitude and put an end to dating and searching for a partner. ‘I’ve given up on dating. Perhaps I’m just tired of other people’s insincerity and don’t want any more games. And men… I don’t need another child, especially a grown-up one. Besides, I have this really cool rule: never go to bed with someone who has more problems than you do. And I don’t intend to break it,’ Sharon once confessed.

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