This pitbull got so tired of loneliness that he approached the rescuers. Heartbreaking…

People have forgotten this truth,» said the Fox. «But you must not forget it. We are forever responsible for those we tame,» says Saint-Exupéry from his pages. For hundreds of years, we have taught dogs not to think that they can do without people. For hundreds of years, we have provided them with shelter and food, and they, as grateful beings, have guarded us.

But today, dogs have ceased to be of practical use to humans. Armored doors and alarms perform home security tasks much better. All they can offer now is their love and loyalty. It seems that the demand for these virtues is not as high in modern society, as stray dogs roam the streets without anyone needing them.

The owners of this pit bull decided that they no longer needed this «toy,» and as a result, the poor fellow found himself on the streets. One might expect him to harbor resentment towards humans or, at the very least, lose faith in them. However, his heart remained unhardened. Upon seeing his rescuers, he approached them with eyes that simply said, «Take me with you.

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