This cat wakes up its owner at 5 am every day! The cat’s remarkable resourcefulness will lead the owner to the handle!

Having pets is wonderful. You’ll never feel lonely; there will always be someone waiting for you at home with love and affection! Your pet will also entertain you and prevent you from feeling sad. However, there is a flip side to this coin. You will be responsible for their life and obliged to take care of them! Moreover, pets can have bad habits. For instance, dogs may chew on slippers or other household items, and cats may scratch furniture.

Well, this cat is simply amazing! Cats are known for their love of waking up their owners early in the morning. Usually, this issue is solved by closing the bedroom door, but this cat can’t be stopped so easily. It lies under the door, extends its paw, and fiddles with the spring that holds the door. The spring produces a loud, persistent sound, and voilà, the owner is already awake… It takes a lot of patience for this cat, but it’s still incredibly cute. Appreciate its resourcefulness.

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