15 cases when people got a new ‘little brother’ or ‘sister’ for their pet

Very often, people decide to get a new «little brother» or «sister» for their pet, so they won’t feel lonely. Sometimes the bond between them is established almost instantly, while other times it takes some time. In any case, there’s nothing cuter than watching the lives of two devoted pets who can’t imagine their lives without each other.

In the shelter, a rule was established: the «little brother» and «sister» must be adopted into the same family since they are inseparable. Look at how comfortably they sleep together every night.

The older brother is always ready to help his sister through the doggie doorway.

Our Rottweiler’s first encounter with a kitten.

This couple always sleeps so cute.

I heard a noise and then suddenly there was silence.

My kitties are so bonded to each other that they even sleep the same way.

I was looking after my sister’s cats while she was on vacation. When she asked me to send photos of her favorites, this was the first thing she saw.

Best friends!

Our rabbit taught his «brother» something.

The new cat taught our old cat to eat this way.

Bought a new crib for my cats.

«Get a second dog,» they said. «It’ll be fun,» they said….

Sweet couple.

First meeting.

Mutual Aid.

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