A stray dog often spent the night near the car dealership, and the employees decided to give it shelter.

In one warm country there was a stray four-legged friend who regularly appeared near a car dealership. He was looking for food and shelter, and his eyes were sad and tired. At times, he even stayed overnight at the door of the dealership.

At first the salon staff would take food out to him, but over time they became so friendly with him that they decided to shelter him inside.

They gave him a nickname, handed him a badge like a real coworker, and welcomed him into their team.

At first they thought about putting the stray in a shelter or finding him a family, but the dog became so attached to the staff and used to the salon that the idea of taking him in became a reality.

The staff took charge of his care, performed veterinary exams, tests and vaccinations.

The dog is now the car dealership’s most famous employee, actively involved in the dealership.

There are even plans for an ad campaign featuring him. Visitors of the salon come not only for cars, but also to meet this amazing four-legged friend, taking memorable photos with the new star of the salon.

Take a look at this beautiful boy — he’s always happy to see visitors, and his presence has a positive impact on sales at the car dealership.

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