A guy rescued a tiny, emaciated kitten freezing on the street. See how the cat has grown up

One day a man was coming home after a busy day at work, full of plans for dinner and fixing the TV. However, fate had a surprise in store for him. On the side of the road he noticed a small gray kitten lying on the wet sidewalk and shivering from the cold.

The man’s heart clenched at what he saw, and he couldn’t leave the baby to its fate. Unzipping his jacket, he picked up the kitten and tucked it under his sinus. When they got home, the man realized that his plans would have to be put on hold. His free time was devoted to rescuing the found kitten. He warmed and fed the crumb.

At first, the kitten was afraid to open his eyes, but gradually realized he was no longer in danger and relaxed. Soon he was happily drinking milk from a bowl. The next day the man took the baby to the veterinary clinic, where it turned out that he was not in danger of anything serious, except underweight.

From that moment on, the kitten became the man’s trusted friend, never leaving his side. He accompanied his rescuer to work and greeted him after a busy day. They even slept together. With the passage of time from the crumb grew an adult cat with long whiskers and shiny fur.

The cat prefers to rest on the windowsill, purring incessantly like a small wind-up tractor. The man did not regret for a moment that he took the kitten. Now they are happy together.

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