King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. What is known about his condition?

On January 26, 2024, King Charles was admitted to the hospital. It seemed that there was nothing for the British to worry about, as the monarch was only scheduled for a routine operation on his prostate. The 75-year-old aristocrat was completely untroubled by the procedure himself. The ruler even took a moment before the surgery to visit his daughter-in-law, who was undergoing treatment in the same clinic. Unfortunately, later it turned out that King Charles’s diagnosis was more than serious!

The sad diagnosis of King Charles

The openness of the monarch

For centuries, members of the royal family have refrained from publicizing stories of their illnesses. This information was considered too personal for public discussion. But Charles decided to break with tradition. The monarch ordered the disclosure of information about his prostate surgery because he considered it beneficial for his subjects.

You see, problems like those that arose with Charles are quite common among men over 50. But elderly stubborn individuals rarely seek help in time and end up seeing doctors with significant delays. Charles hoped that his example would motivate the British to better monitor their health.

Trouble came from an unexpected direction.

The surgery on the prostate gland itself went smoothly. However, during the examination of the crowned patient, doctors found unusual abnormalities in his body. The final diagnosis of King Charles turned out to be predictable but sad. The ruler of Britain was diagnosed with cancer.

Buckingham Palace responded promptly: «His Majesty has decided to share his diagnosis to avoid rumors and speculation, as well as in the hope that it will help draw attention to the issues faced by cancer victims worldwide.» King Charles himself has already begun treatment, and notably, maintains an optimistic outlook on the situation.

Comprehensive support

However, even for a monarch, maintaining optimism would be difficult without assistance from family and loved ones. Charles’s spouse, Queen Consort Camilla, stands by her husband’s side unwaveringly. According to palace sources, Camilla accompanied the monarch when he went to London for outpatient treatment.


«For her, this news was a dreadful blow. But she and Charles are a first-rate team, and the king couldn’t find a better support than his spouse,» claims a close friend of the couple. According to him, the queen believes that she will be able to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband next year regardless of the circumstances. In the meantime, she plans to assist her husband in everything while still fulfilling her numerous official duties.

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