«Kate Middleton has fallen into a coma!» The statement by the Spanish TV presenter shocked the British.

The health status of Kate Middleton is causing legitimate concerns among millions of fans of the Duchess of Wales. The palace’s stance on the matter only adds fuel to the fire. Representatives of the royal family are extremely tight-lipped about the situation, attempting to preserve the aristocrat’s confidentiality. Unfortunately, amidst their silence, voices of fans seeking sensationalism begin to emerge. For example, just the other day, a very loud statement was made by the Spanish TV presenter Concha Calleja.

The health status of Kate Middleton: What’s happening?

Princess’s illness

Recall that on January 17, 2024, Kensington Palace issued an unexpected statement. According to it, Kate Middleton underwent a previously scheduled abdominal surgery successfully. While reassuring the public about the aristocrat’s good health, representatives of the royal family remained silent.

The shocked public immediately began to generate rumors. First and foremost, fans of Kate speculated about oncology. After all, they reasoned, the surgery was planned! The societal panic was so intense that official sources had to declare: there was no cancer for the Duchess of Wales, neither now nor previously.

New information

Just a few days ago, on January 29th, representatives of the crown announced that Kate has been discharged from the hospital. Currently, the wife of Prince William is recovering at home under the supervision of experienced doctors. Unfortunately, according to official information, fans won’t see the beauty until Easter.

This information did not calm the public at all. Two weeks in the hospital plus a long recovery period—clearly, something unpleasant is happening with Kate! Horrified Britons are trying to understand what illness could lead to such consequences. Meanwhile, official sources continue to remain silent.

A loud statement

As they say, empty vessels make the most noise. The information vacuum was quickly filled by enthusiasts of unhealthy sensations. One of the first to react was the Spaniard Concha Calleja, who once wrote an entire treatise about Princess Diana. Madame Calleja claims that Kate spent these two weeks in a coma!

«As for the operation itself, I can say that everything went well. But the postoperative period was marked by unforeseen complications!» confesses the Spaniard. However, Kate’s close friends reacted to Madame Calleja’s words almost immediately and unanimously claim that the TV presenter made it all up.

What really happened to Kate Middleton? I think we won’t find out the truth until Easter when the Duchess of Wales can explain everything to the public herself. Until then, unfortunately, we’ll have to endure hearing all sorts of new speculations about Kate’s fate. What can you do, people love unhealthy sensations!

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