A tiny bundle lay by the side of the road: it tried to call for help, but there was no strength left.

They say that calico cats bring luck, but they don’t always have luck themselves.

A little calico kitten lay in the grass on the roadside, next to the road leading to the forest. People rarely appeared here, while cars sped by at high speeds. The kitten, very weakened, couldn’t have gotten here on its own. It was wet and could barely move, almost impossible to notice in the grass.

The girl accidentally noticed the kitten, standing out with its color among the gray grass. When she approached, the little one tried to come closer but fell, deprived of strength. The kitten tried to meow, but not even a sound came out of its mouth.

The girl picked up the kitten and discovered that its front and back legs were broken. Perhaps it was left on the road because someone didn’t want to treat it. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but despite its calico coloring, luck didn’t come to it.

However, in the end, luck smiled upon the little one. The girl took him to the veterinarian, where he received help. The surgery on one leg took two hours, so they decided to postpone the second one to avoid overloading the little one. They named the kitten Marusya. Ultimately, luck returned: the doctors reported that the second surgery was not needed as the paw had already begun to heal on its own.

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