Kanye West claims that he can’t book venues for his concerts

24-time Grammy winner Kanye West claims he can’t book venues for his concerts.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, the rapper stated that he’s having trouble securing bookings, adding: ‘And you know why.’

He also likened his struggles to those of Elvis Presley. ‘They’ve been trying to stop me for a year,’ he wrote. ‘It feels like the movie Elvis Presley.’

West said the only arena he was able to book for his tour is the United Center in his hometown of Chicago. ‘We just sold out the United Center in seven minutes, and I just want to reach out to everyone to see if anybody can help with this. That’s the only arena I had access to last year,’ he said.

‘And when I call, they say there’s no benefit to me, and you know why that is,’ he added, seemingly implying he’s been blacklisted after his anti-Semitic remarks. ‘So if anybody can help with this, please help,’ he pleaded.

Six hours later, West apparently confirmed that the company finally gave him the green light to book venues. He then posted a screenshot of a message from his booking manager, which read: ‘Insane amount of no’s. Will send new offers and perks tomorrow.’

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