A 7-meter model of the Eiffel Tower made of matches was refused entry into the Guinness World Records due to ‘incorrect matches’.

The Guinness World Records refused to register a 7-meter model of the Eiffel Tower, constructed from matches, as a world record, claiming that the creator, Frenchman Richard Ploud, used ‘incorrect matches’

Ploud, who spent eight years creating the model from 706,900 matches, announced this on his Facebook post, sharing a photo of the construction with the word ‘NO!!’ ‘Guinness judges delivered their verdict without even seeing my tower in real life,’ Ploud wrote on social media.

эйфель1.jpeg (37 KB)

«MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT AND INCOMPREHENSION,» he continued. «[They] tell me that 706,900 sticks, one stuck to the other, are not matches!!?? And they are too trimmed to be recognizable!!??»

The artist ridiculed the London-based organization. «Obviously, the English are really different…,» he said, adding, «No offense, English.»

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