How Princess Charlene Mirrors Lady Di’s Destiny Step by Step

In light of recent events, some followers are increasingly noticing that Princess Charlene is mirroring Lady Di’s destiny. However, now the action has shifted to Monaco, with the main characters being a swimmer and a prince. What commonality exists between Diana and her colleague in misfortune, you will find out in our material in the next few minutes.

Princess Charlene mirrors Lady Di’s destiny

To understand how Princess Charlene mirrors Lady Di’s destiny, it is sufficient to draw several parallels from their biographies. It’s worth starting with their engagements. Both Wittstock and Spencer were young when they met their future husbands. The heir to the throne of Monaco noticed the 22-year-old athlete during the Sydney Olympics. As for the 16-year-old aristocrat, she caught the attention of Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Interestingly, both girls managed to catch the attention of monarchs due to fortunate (or unfortunate) circumstances. You see, both possessed good looks, manners, health, and, importantly, youth. Furthermore, neither Charlene nor Diana were involved in any scandalous stories. Therefore, there couldn’t have been any unnecessary questions about potential candidates.

Ah, this wedding…

However, as soon as the engagement took place, the first alarm bells began to ring. Charles embarked on a royal tour of Australia and New Zealand. According to Spencer’s admissions, during his absence, he never once called his fiancée, nor inquired about her well-being. Moreover, the lady of his heart during this time was Camilla. Meanwhile, in Monaco, rumors began to circulate about Albert’s illegitimate child. Such news clearly did not sit well with Charlene. Indeed, the athlete attempted to leave the country three times.

However, the wedding ceremony took place. Nevertheless, tears shed by the Princess of Monaco are still discussed today. Neither Spencer nor Wittstock could boast of a honeymoon. The former spent it on a luxurious royal yacht, entertaining hundreds of distinguished guests daily. The latter, on the other hand, lived separately from the new family, far from home and relatives.

Strangers Among Their Own

By the way, similarities in the fates of Diana and Charlene can also be seen when it comes to their positions in the royal family. Both girls were outsiders to their newly acquired relatives. While Spencer had no intention of obediently following orders, causing dissatisfaction with Queen Elizabeth II, Wittstock simply did not fit into Monaco’s snobbish society. Not to mention the pressure from society. The subjects could not understand why Albert’s wife could not learn the language and produce an heir.

«Infidelity and rumors of divorce

Infidelity and rumors of divorce concerning Prince Albert and Prince Charles could be discussed endlessly. However, it’s important not to forget that such talks brought no pleasure to their spouses. As a result, the world could witness not only the «revenge dress» and punk-style haircuts but also retaliatory intrigues on their part. For Diana, solace came in the form of the Pakistani-born surgeon Hasnat Khan. He provided Lady Di with not only moral but also financial support.

As for Charlene, her current savior seems to be the Russian billionaire and former husband of Naomi Campbell, Vladislav Doronin. However, despite the spreading rumors of an imminent divorce from Prince Albert, the latter actively denies them. Unfortunately, the public seems to no longer believe such statements.

As you can see, Princess Charlene does indeed seem to echo Lady Di’s destiny. And today, all we can do is hope that the outcome will be as far removed from the tragic events of 1997 as possible.

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