Hilary Swank revealed the names of her children

Last year, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ became a mother for the first time.

In the fall of 2022, Hilary Swank announced her first pregnancy. The actress had long dreamed of becoming a mother, but struggled to conceive for a long time. It wasn’t until she was 48 years old that she saw the coveted two lines on the test. And to her surprise, she was expecting not one, but two children. ‘I’m going to be a mom to not one, but two babies! It’s so cool to talk about it and share it with you,’ Hilary announced on a morning show. The star emphasized that she is incredibly happy.

In April of last year, Swank experienced the joy of motherhood for the first time. On social media, she shared a photo holding her two babies. She revealed that the childbirth was difficult. ‘It wasn’t easy. But my boy and girl were definitely worth it. Writing this post from the purest heavens,’ wrote Hilary. The actress gave birth to a daughter and a son. The children were born within the marriage of Hilary Swank with businessman Philip Schneider, whom they married almost 6 years ago.

Nowadays, Swank devotes all her time to her children. She rarely shows her heirs and has not yet revealed their names. She also keeps the faces of her son and daughter hidden from the public. However, recently the artist posted a photo capturing the boy and girl on the ocean shore. The 10-month-old twins pose with their backs to the camera. The girl wears a pink long-sleeved swimsuit, while the boy wears a blue swimsuit. Both are wearing white sun hats. Hilary decided to reveal the children’s names in an original way — she wrote them in the sand. Thus, the girl is named Aya, and the boy is named Om.

I have a busy week of talk shows ahead, where I’ll be sharing my new movie and fun partnership, but I realized: what could be better than sharing the names of my two little munchkins with you first? Who else has little ones who think sand is edible?» wrote the actress.

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